Typical Mistakes to Prevent in Interior Design 

To achieve a well-designed area, check out the most common mistakes in Los Angeles interior design that must be avoided at all costs: 


Hanging curtains too low 

A lot of people usually hang their curtains just right on top of their window frame. However, doing this won’t do much to improve the total interior design of a home. Rather, it’s best to hang your curtains just right up to your ceiling. This way, your space will look even higher, making the window look larger. See to it that your curtains touch the floor as well, no matter how tall and wide your windows are.  

Oversized or undersized furniture 

Proportions and scales are extremely vital in a residence’s interior design and space planning. To prevent investing in the wrong items, it would be best to thoroughly measure your space thoroughly beforehand. Utilize a painter’s tape to simulate the placement of the furniture to make sure that you have the correct fit before swiping paying for it.  

Wrong rug size 

Nothing is more terrible than having a wrong-sized rug. If it’s excessively small, it does not aid in anchoring the space, while when it’s extremely big, there’s a tendency that it will just swallow the room. For a more enclosed area, you can place a small rug beneath your coffee table. But see to it that the length of the rug covers the length of the couch. If all of your furniture pieces are free at the center of a large room, they can put them on the rug. If the furniture is placed against the wall, try to get the front 2 legs of all of your furniture pieces on the rug.  

Positioning furniture against the wall 

Long ago, the back parts of furniture pieces are typically unattractive and unfinished. But today, they have become as appealing as the front. Because of this, it is fine not to place your bed and sofa against a wall. As a matter of fact, big-scale furniture is ideal when it comes to defining spaces. You may be shocked to know just how much area you really have after you’ve changed up the placement of your furniture.  

Bad lighting 

A lot of people only depend on overhead lighting. Little did they know that this is actually a design mistake. It would always best to layer various lighting types, especially unless you want to make your house appear like a hospital. For general lighting, recessed lights are ideal. However, in terms of ambient lighting, pendants, wall lamps, and floor lamps are the best. Accent lights like spotlights are perfect for highlighting photography and artwork. Moreover, task lighting is greatly essential to b placed in the kitchen and study area. Just keep in mind that warm white lighting and dimmers are your best friends.  

These are only a few of the many mistakes that you should correct and prevent as much as possible. Should you have more questions about this topic, don’t hesitate to reach us.